When do van buying companies don’t buy your van?

One of the biggest claims that van buying companies have is that “we want any van”. This means that they never say no to any van that is offered to them.

Some people have been complaining that these companies do not do as they have been claiming. It was just a single review building up this doubt for people and they were avoiding selling their vans to the van buying companies. Little do they know that the van buying companies have a clause on their page which tells the clients about the cases in which they would not buy the van in question.

The reasons that they give are mentioned below:

  • They would not buy an imported van. So if your van is imported, try something else other than the van buying companies.
  • They would not buy a van that does not come with proper paper work. There are some laws regarding the buying and selling of a vehicle and they are to be followed. They would not buy the van if you fail to provide them with proper paperwork.
  • The mileage may be too high. All the companies have a set limit as far as the mileage is concerned. And if the mileage of your van is higher than their set limit, they would not buy your van.
  • They would not buy a van they think is stolen or the title of the van is not under the name of the person who is trying to sell the van.

What you should do is go through the entire website of the van buying company and read all the points thoroughly before labeling them as frauds.

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