Tips on how to sell a van

“I want to sell my van but do not know how to do it.”

If this is what you have been thinking, then there are chances that you have not sold a van ever and this is your first time. Do all the research that you can but there are a lot of things that people tend to forget when mentioning the tips. To not make a mess of the sale, make sure that your go through all the tips mentioned below.

  • Identify the potential buyers and thieves. The thieves would ask for the details of the van and clone one just like yours and sell it as their own. Genuine buyers would always come to see the van.
  • Avoid selling a van to overseas buyers who would see the van after making the full payment. It would be troublesome for you later on.
  • Never go to meet the buyer alone. Always have a friend or a family member around.
  • Do not hand over the keys and then leave the buyer alone with it before getting the full payment for the van.
  • If the buyer wants to test drive the van then make sure that you are in the van with them.
  • When the buyer is inspecting the documents of the van, make sure that they do not copy the documents and nor do they take pictures of it. This is essential.
  • Make sure that the funds have been cleared and you have the complete amount for the van before handing of the van.
  • Once all the payment is cleared and you hand over the van, remember to hand over all the documents regarding the van to the buyer. You have no use of the documents after the van is sold, but the new owner might.

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