How to prep your van up for valuation?

It has been observed that over the past few years, online valuation has been taking over manual valuation but there are still some people who prefer manual van valuation over online van valuation. So, for those who want to get their vans valuated using the manual ways, a few tips and tricks are mentioned to prep the van up for sale.

  • The exterior of the van should look shiny and clean.
  • The tires, the rims, the windows and the rubber on the doors should not be missed.
  • The paint should be fixed. Faded paint and scratches would lower the price of your van.
  • The interior should be properly cleaned and things like the floor mats and the seat covers should be replaced.
  • Get an air freshener for the van.
  • Empty out and clean the glove box.
  • The trunk should be vacuumed and emptied.
  • Get some of the few minor things fixed in the van. The little amount of money that you spend on it would result in adding a lot to the value of your car.

Manual valuation considers all of these things and if you think that it is a lot to do, then try the online free van valuation. It does not consider all of these things as much and is a lot quick and easy than the manual van valuation.

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