How much the “we buy any van” companies stay true to their claim?

There are some van buying companies who work with the claim that “we buy any van”. A lot of questions come to our minds when we read this statement. Do these companies really do what they claim. These companies actually do what they claim. They say that “we buy any van” and do.

These companies buy vans regardless of their size, colour, shape, make, model, condition or anything else. These companies would buy your scrap vans, damaged vans, used vans, non-runners, and slightly damaged vans, vans that have been in any kind of accident. You name it, and they buy it.

These companies may not be willing to buy your van if they work in a particular area. Like if they work across the main lands of the UK, and your area is not a part of it, they might not buy your van. Also, if the van is imported, they may not buy it.

Regardless of that, if the van is in their area of working they would buy it. It just has to be a van. Moreover, they do not have hidden charges and give you free van valuation that tells you the exact worth of your van.

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