What should I do before I sell my van?

Most people have no clue as to what they should do when they are on the verge of selling a van. A van is something that is not always the most well-kept and maintained vehicle. Prepping it up for the sale is one of the most essential tips and should not be avoided.

  • Start with the exterior of the van. It should be shiny and clean. It should not have any layer of dust or dirt.
  • The tires, though not sparkling, should be clean and not covered with soil.
  • The window glass, the windshield, and the back glass should be cleaned before selling your van. The buyer should be able to see through it.
  • The rims and the edges should be cleaned too.
  • The interior should be inviting and welcoming. There should be no bad odor.
  • The dash board should be emptied and cleaned.
  • The van should be cleaned properly.
  • The seat covers should be cleaned and if there is a stain that is not coming off then they should be changed. The same goes for the floor mats.
  • Get air fresheners for your van.
  • All the buttons and knobs should be working properly. Any buyer is bound to check anything that they could when sitting on the driver’s seat.
  • Get all the minor things fixed in the van that you are trying to sell. A small amount of money spent would add a lot to the worth of your van.

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